The Hermitage online course

The Hermitage online course

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This is a deep dive into the museum's collection, covering every department. There are so many interiors, paintings, sculpture, jewelry, and - OF COURSE - amazing stories behind all these things.

The course is available on an online platform, and you can access it any time it's convenient for you. It consists of video lessons and PDF files to support them. You can listen to them all or chose only the ones that sound interesting to you. 

Here is the course overview:

1. An overview of the museum's history. How was the art purchased? Was any of it lost? How were the buildings created?

2. The state halls of the Winter Palace.

3. The Small Hermitage of Catherine the Great, including the Peacock clock, a mysterious hanging garden, and a medieval gallery.

4. The New Hermitage, it's history and interiors. The secrets of malachite and a hidden gem: the knights' hall.

5. The Florentine gallery. It's not just Da Vinci! How did Renaissance art develop? What lead to the creation of the most famous art we know today?

6. The Venetian gallery: a hidden gem right next door to the route everyone walks.

7. Rafael, Michelangelo, and mannerism.

8. Baroque art: Caravaggio and amazing monumental paintings in the grand skylight halls. They are truly epic!

9. Spanish art. How did Spanish artists find their voice in the art world dominated by religion? Which mysterious donor gave us our only Goya? The secrets of El Greco's work.

10. Rembrandt. Amazing stories behind many of his works at the Hermitage.

11. Small Dutch artists as a reflection of Dutch society.

12. Flemish art: Rubens, Van Dyck, Snyders, and more!

13. The Impressionists at the Hermitage.

14. Post-Impressionists at the Hermitage.

15. Matisse and Picasso.

16. The hidden collections: French, German and British art.

17. Our collection of Antiques: amazing pieces from Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

18. Pazyryk burial mound. The oldest carpet in the world, a mummy, and other amazing finds.

19. Our jewelry collection: Gold room, Diamond room, Faberge halls.

20. Private rooms of the royal family.